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    [INTERVIEW] U-KISS in Easy Magazine

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    Recently, because of idol and strength preparation done before debuting, U-Kiss has been chosen by the producer to participate in the filming of SBS New drama [I Am Legend]. They will appear in the form of a band. Not only at work, they have also shown their most honest appearances in reality. About those questions that revolve around themselves, they revealed all what they know. Hate to be compared with his elder brother? Likes to wear girl attire? Are they really a couple? Let’s see what they have said~

    Secret 1 Key word
    Younger Brother & Real Name

    2 searching key words: ‘the younger brother of SS501’s Kim Hyungjun’ and ‘real name Kim Kibum’ always revolved around member, Kibum. About the first term, Kibum doesn’t mind always being mentioned as the younger brother of Hyungjun. As to always being brought into comparison with his elder brother, he is also very calm. He said modestly that there’s nothing he can surpass his elder brother. “My elder brother has taken away the entire good DNA. I came with the remaining DNA.”

    Regarding the name ‘Kim Kibum’ which often appears in the entertaining world, he once had the idea of coming up with a stage name. When one searches ‘Kim Kibum’ on the internet, the first one that appears is the hyung from Super Junior and then SHINee’s Key. I have to search for ‘U-Kiss’s Kibum’ before it will appear. Actually I discussed this matter with the company before. But then thinking of it that “the name was given by parents, does it matter? Since we are in different group, it doesn’t matter, so I still use my real name”

    Secret 2 Hair style
    The Black & Bowl Cut

    The one among the members who has the most changes in hairstyle perhaps is Dongho. The greatest contrast is the cornrow hairstyle in 1st single and the bowl cut in 2nd single. Dongho’s fully braided hair left a deep impression when he debuted. It seems to be too shocking for a child who is just over 10 plus years old. But Dongho felt pretty good that time. “When everyone speaks of U-KISS, ‘Ah, is that group which has a child with cornrows braided hairstyle?’ It left a deep impression on people, so I thought it wasn’t that bad.”

    However, when he still had the cornrows braided hairstyle, Dongho thought his face appeared to be 15 years old, but there are always people who said that is not a 15 years old face and they even thought that I was an undergraduate. Everyone thought that Kevin is the maknae in the group that time. The moment Dongho said he is the maknae, everyone was shocked. But for the bowl cut during the 2nd single, Dongho turned into a child all of a sudden which was very cute and he received many praises. Dongho said even his character also turned childish that time.

    Secret 3 Suit-dress
    Likes & Dislikes

    Dongho said perhaps there will be people who say he is a pervert after hearing this but he feels that he looks quite nice in female attire. The first time wearing skirt, stockings and though I wore leggings that time, it was really cold. But it looks pretty good and when I looked at my own appearance in the mirror, I will think: Wo~it’s pretty good what. Of course I still like to be a guy. Kevin said when Dongho sent the photo after makeup and message to him, in the beginning he was still thinking whether it is a fan that sent her own photo over but is Dongho after looking closely.

    And for Kevin, although he is good at girls’ songs and dances and members remarked that his hands and legs are like of a girl, even also like a girl when he doesn’t move, is most suitable for girls wear, but Kevin said he actually doesn’t like that. “I’m also a guy what, of course I hope to be more man, and if looks like a girl……”

    Secret 4 Good friends
    Couple & Brothers

    Because of a photo where Soohyun hugged 2AM’s Jokwon from the back taken during trainee period, there were fans who said they are a couple. He said he is indeed very close with Jokwon, and even often goes to his house and hostel to play, but absolutely not in a relationship. Soohyun said he likes this phrase “I love you” a lot, so he also uses it on members frequently. Dongho disclosed that there was a time where many fans were present, but Soohyun still called him over. Dongho asked in reply why he had to go over and Soohyun said, “Hello, recently is to promote 2 Shin ah.”

    Alexander said among the members themselves, they will send things such as heart. Kibum said they also often use “What are you doing? Darling” this kind of words normally when they send short messages. And about fans-created CP, Kibum feels that “although it’s pretty interesting, but to accept it seriously is a little……”

    Secret 5 Makeup
    Followings & Dark Circles

    Lately, the smoky eyes makeup of boy groups is the trend and each major boy group all has glamorous smokey eye image. U-Kiss is also of no exception, also taking the mature and callous concept this year. But regarding their ‘smokey followings’, U-Kiss has their own another theory. They are not shy to say that putting on smokey makeup is not to look good, but the main reason is ——- to cover flaws. Kibum said if they don’t put on smokey makeup, their complexion will seem to be not too good and people will have the impression that their bodies look slightly uncomfortable. He said, “If they don’t makeup like this, Dongho’s dark circles will be very serious. »

    Dongho said he once tried putting one eye with smokey eye makeup and wiping away the smokey eye makeup of the other eye and in the end, other people who saw it said, “What is this? Ah~ your eye lining has smudged.” That is to say removing makeup is almost the same as not removing makeup. The dark circles have troubled Dongho very much, but with smokey eye makeup, all problems can be resolved.

    Secret 6 No leader
    Family Members & Pets

    U-Kiss is a rare team which has no specific leader among the Korean Idol groups. Regarding this, U-Kiss’s reason is —— fairness. Kibum said, “no matter how we look at the role of ‘leader’, is a person to take care of all things. Although to play a leading role is very good, but feels that the presence of a ‘leader’ will cause dispute among the members. We are all on the same standpoint but to just depend on 1 person; to tell the truth there will be unfair.

    Though the Korea society usually choose a leader based on age order, but we feel that this is not very good. As a whole, everybody should take up the responsibility. Those who can talk well will be the one talking, those who are good at foreign languages will be the one speaking foreign languages. We also have aegyo in-charge, individual special talent, body gags and so on shared.” Alexander said, “so we U-Kiss is more like a family. Father is Kibum, uncle is Soohyun, daughter is Kevin, son is Eli, and puppy is Dongho.” And he is the mother? Grandmother?

    Secret 7 Favorite sport
    Soccer & Golf

    It is written in the personal particulars of Dongho that his hobby is golf and specialty is soccer. Such a young age to take golf as interest, it really makes people very curious. Dongho said he started learning golf since he was around 4 years old, because that time his father wanted to train him into a outstanding golf player wholeheartedly. However, because of an opportunity, Dongho fell in love with soccer. There was once where Dongho was playing with a soccer ball in front of a church and a group of hyungs who saw him said to him, “You come and play together also.” Then they let him be the goal keeper. That day he received hyungs’ compliments during the match which made him feel very good. After that, he liked playing soccer.

    Later on when he studied abroad in China, he had even received the honor of MVP in the school team. And Dongho who seems to have great destiny with ball, has obtained many boy fans because of the program [Invincible Baseball Team]. Also because of his relationship, the baseball teammates who originally don’t understand baseball also have awareness and understanding of baseball.

    Secret 8 About dream
    Insides & Outsides

    Among the members of U-Kiss, most of the members’ future visions have to do with music in general. Kibum said he wants to a album producer in the future and Dongho wants to plan performance proposal to train up new people. Soohyun wants to challenge musical and Kevin said he has always regarded Rain as his target and wants to become an outstanding performer like Rain.

    But there are also people who think different. Eli said his original dream was to be an actor and not a singer. “Went abroad to China for acting skills but the result wasn’t good. My father asked, “Wants to be a singer? If you want to move along the path of acting, you can also do it while as a singer.” So I returned to Korea. Alexander said he wants to be like Dongho who works while studying, though tiring but very meaningful. He, who originally was studying in America, felt very sorry that he returned to homeland after only studying for a year. The most different is Kiseop who said he likes photography and wants to do photography related.

    [I Am Legend]
    Say: Very honored to be invited to cooperate with the entertainer seniors, very excited and we will prepare well and give our very best!

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